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What Sets Adidas Eyewear Apart From Other Sports Sunglasses?


To make sure your Adidas sunglasses fit you specifically, most models in their range have some unique adjustability. Firstly, there is Adidas Tri Fit. This is an angle adjustment between the arms and the lenses that allows three separate positions, spanning 8 degrees. This not only allows adjustment for different head shapes, but also means you are able to angle the lenses depending on the position of the sun to minimise dazzling. Most sunglasses in Adidas' range also feature the Double Snap Nose Bridge. This offers a level of width adjustability on the nose area of the glasses. These adjustments, coupled with the two different frame sizes that are available on most models, means you should be able to find something that fits you perfectly.

Lens Technology

Adidas have created a technology called LST (Light Stabilising Technology). It is designed to minimise the dazzling effect you get when going from shadow to very bright conditions by harmonising the light. Because your eyes do not have to adjust so dramatically (pupil size can remain more constant) the muscles in the eye are not getting so much use. The effect of this is reduced eye fatigue, which can lead to greater performance in your chosen sport. Using a range of different coloured lenses, they have created a tint for almost any light condition. The LST Bright lens, for example, is designed to maximise contrast in dull or flat light. At the other end of the scale, the Space Lens is designed to protect against extreme radiation - the sort that comes off glaciers in extreme mountain and arctic environments.

Something for Everyone

Adidas have taken a very specific, well thought-out approach to their sunglasses designs. For example, the Evil Eye Pro is aimed squarely at cyclists. They have designed it to be helmet-compatible, as well as adding a removable sweat blocker across the top to prevent perspiration dripping into the eyes. The Adizero, on the other hand, has been developed for runners. They have a very lightweight design, coupled with an easily-swappable lens system. Lenses can be changed on-the-fly to allow for varying light conditions during a race. Adidas also have glasses specifically designed for golf, climbing and mountaineering, as well as some all-round sports models.

Prescription Ready

Adidas take an interesting approach to providing prescription on their sunglasses. They use an insert that attaches on the inside of the lens, using the nose clip. This means that it can be easily removed by the wearer. This is a useful idea for those who wear contact lenses some of the time, and perhaps do not always need a permanent pair of prescription sunglasses. These prescription inserts are also available in a rimless version, to make them all but undetectable to an onlooker. They also provide a more permanent prescription that allows for a wider field of view (referred to by Adidas as an RX Optical Adaptor). This fits nearer to the lens and follows its contour more closely. It is not available on all models, however.

For those looking for eyewear as protection during serious competitive sport, Adidas should be top of your list. There are plenty of fashion brands out there whose sunglasses will cost significantly more, but simply are not designed to give the same level of performance as Adidas sunglasses.