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The Dangerous Highheel Platform and Why I Love Them So Much!

The Highheel Platform is one of fashion's best & most creative trend, yet also the most dangerous.

I personally wish I could own a pair in every color by every designer in a big 'ole size 11! But since we know that won't be happening anytime soon, I'll have to drool over them from a distance, while gasping and aww-ing at the same time.

It seems as if every model has had their fall at some point in time, but when you add 5"-7" heel into the mix, the probability of models falling goes through the roof.

Heels aren't the easiest things to walk in but neither are they the hardest, believe me I know! I have a few pair of 5 inchers myself! But as with anything else in life practice makes perfect.

I think the only thing that the models were missing is a few towering stilettos of their own. But you know what, let's look at it this way:

Those models' feet are probably giving them hell!!

They go from show to show and country to country wearing the trends, highheel platform included! So fashion week probably reeks havoc on their feet!

In my case I don't ever have my heels on for long, but on time when I wore them for Halloween for 3 hours straight, trying desperately to hold on for dear life, I was definitely paying for it the next day.

And right at the height of the trend in Fall 2008 for the Spring 2009 shows, Prada had the wonderful idea to bring platforms and ankle socks together which, by the way, a few people including myself thought was a cute idea but in reality slick soles and socks don't like each other!

So here a model, there a model, everywhere a model was falling!

Nicholas Kirkwood at one point even had regrets over making the wonderful highheel platform that he created for the Rodarte Show that caused problems!

All in all, it's a love-hate relationship with the Highheel Platform and I, and I love them so much more than I hate them!

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