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Shoes and Budgeting

Spending too much on shoes in the current climate can be a recipe for disaster.  If shoes are your Achilles heel (pardon the pun) then budgeting is an absolute must.  In the current climate we all have to make sacrifices, and buying a pair of shoes you don't need can set you up for eating beans on toast for a month! 

An afternoon shopping trip with your mates can easily send you over budget. There are so many tempting shoe shops on the high street and in this climate there are masses of sales on all types of shoes.  Forget the shopping trips with your mates and arrange to have a drink with them instead or even lunch.  You'll save on the foot leather and save yourself a packet. Leave your credit card at home and just take cash with you.  When you see a pair of sandals or flip flops to add to your already full collection then don't do it!! Leave them on the shelf and move on! 

Do a serious clear out of your shoes.  Keep any shoes you wear regularly and throw out shoes you know you will never wear again.  We become emotionally attached to a pair of shoes and horde then long after they've gone out of fashion or have a broken heel way beyond repair.  Note down which shoes you're going to need for the coming months and determine exactly you'll need.  If you need boots should they be fashionable or functional?  If you'll be wearing them all day would a pair of "Ugg" boots be more comfortable and worth the investment?  Or would you prefer leather?  A pair of leather mid boots will be more versatile than a thigh high black leather pair, but probably not as much fun!

Shoes are exciting and you probably already have a mountain of shoes in your wardrobe.  But it's time to take stock, sort out and invest in good quality shoes instead of the impulse buy fashion shoes.  It may not be as exciting but your bank manager will love you for it!