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Nike Lunarglide+

Nike does not disappoint when designing a shoe and yet again exceed themself when they launched the Nike Lunarglide. The Lunar Trainer, as well as the Lunar Racer were highly successful and it was not expected from Nike to be able to improve on them with the Glide.

The overall opinion however, is that they really went out of their way with the use of Lunar foam. This foam was originally developed by Nasa and it is extremely light, as used in space and the properties allows it to compress, as well as return to original shape. Although other foams also have that capability, the responsiveness of Lunar foam is much higher.

They use the popular Flywire technology in the upper part of the running shoe and furthermore make the shoes specifically for both men and women. The women's shoes have an arch strap on the inner side of the shoe, which is great additional support for women, as it is found that females are more prone to over-pronating than men.

Ever decreasing weight was high on the agenda when the upper of the shoe was designed and although it is lightweight and seamless, it remains powerful enough to offer great support for mild pronators. The shoe is constructed as none of Nike's other shoes with leather and mesh stitched together to protect the Flywire.

The foam cannot be exposed and is encapsulated on the exterior by Phylite. It is extremely lightweight and even a man's shoe in size 9 weighs only 10.6 ounces, which increased the buzz about testing the shoe in reality. When running you will experience the cushioning to the extreme, as it is bouncy. The heel area is especially cushioned and great for runners used to shoes with harder support. Take note though, if you are a runner who likes a harder shoe, you may not like the bouncy experience the shoe delivers.

Although the support is great, there is the possibility that a serious over-pronator may find the support inadequate when doing long runs. This Lunarglide is mainly aimed at runners who have a neutral gait or mild pronators during long runs. They will love this shoe with the great cushioning and still correcting feet with slight pronation.

It is an interesting shoe to say the least and everyone expected it to come with a hefty price tag with all the special technology used in the construction of it, but will be surprised to find the retail price recommended from Nike to be only $99.