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Four Tips to Sell Your Second Hand Chanel Bag

Many of us like purchasing the latest fashions every year. As a result many of us have years and years of fashions lying around in our wardrobes and closets, taking up a lot of space. One of these items is second hand bags. These bags were fashionable when we purchased them and now we do not use them anymore and since they are so expensive, we do not feel like dumping them either. One simple solution to sell your second hand bags!

One of the most common handbags that people have is a Chanel one. Because of its popularity, most of us have a number of Chanel bags that we do not need anymore. Selling these bags is a good idea since people would pay a good amount of money for them! If you have never sold a second hand bag before, four things you should always remember are:

1. Include all original documents

Original Chanel bags come with registration numbers and documents that prove them to be the real deal. If you have taken these out, then be sure to put them back in their original place and mention to potential customers that the bag is an original. This will bring more people and you can sell the bag for a better price

2. Arrange for a simple payment system

When selling your second hand Chanel bag, make sure that you arrange for a payment system that can be easily used by the customer. Instead of asking for money orders or drafts, use online payment systems that will transfer money straight to your bank. The best idea is to take cash since it is less of a hassle.

3. Provide photographs

If you are selling the bag locally to a store or boutique, then you do not need this. If you selling the bag through advertisements or websites, then be sure to include photographs of the bag so that people know what they are purchasing. If asked, allow payment on delivery that lets people see the bag and know it is real before they pay for it.

4. Sell online!

When selling your second hand Chanel bag, try the internet before anything else. The number of people you can cover online is far more than you can in your local area.

If you keep in mind these four tips, you'll be sure to sell your second hand Chanel bag with ease!