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Four Points on Nike Vs AG

Finished writing the article "Which One is Your Choice, Nike or AG?", I realized that maybe some people pay too much attention on the sports shoes brand, and there are still someone who wants to get the answer. Different results due to different lifestyle. Nike and AG are both famous sports shoe brands, usually, people tend to compare them to each other. What we are going through is merely a discussion about the wonderful features of them. No judgment.

Attitude The reason why I put attitude at the first place is because attitude always comes first. In fact, there is no comparability between Nike and AG, you like Nike shoes, then Nike is the best and vice verso, all in all, it depends on you.

Quality As the leading sports brand worldwide, AG and Nike enjoy a high prestige in the world for many reasons, and the superior in quality is no doubt the most important one. Only high quality sports shoes could bring them the same reputation around the world.

Advantages Talking about their own advantages, according to a recent survey, it is said that Nike is good at basketball shoes like Nike air max series, and AG have more advantages in football shoes like the most classical one copa mundial.

Price Certainly, price is a vital factor that influences consumers to make the final decision. We can not merely judge shoes buy its price. Unlike the general sports brand, the famous brand and perfect design keep Nike and AG away from the fiercely price wars. And their behaviors proved that its shoes do value for money.