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Change Brought By Wireless Microphones In The Music Industry

Wireless microphones are microphones, which are not connected to any cable or wire. The one main advantage with these microphones is that they allow you to move freely, or in other words they allow mobility. Since, they are not attached to any cable they offer a wife range of coverage. These microphones function with the help of an internal antenna system. We will discuss the uses and advantages of these microphones that have brought about changes in the music industry.

Wireless microphones operate like wireless transmitters but combine the function of boundary microphones. They are battery operated and are operated with the help of a base receiver. They have a touch sensitive button enabling speedy operations. These wireless microphones are ideal for live performances like concerts because of its mobility.

They have given a whole new meaning to the music industry as they can produce enhanced audio signals. They are available in different frequencies and the selection of which depends on the area of coverage required. A standard wireless microphone includes a handheld transmitter, a cardiod dynamic and a diversity receiver.

In the recent years, wireless microphones have developed vastly. There are companies that have come up with a headset wireless microphone that provides maximum mobility and reproduction of close proximity signal. These headset wireless devices are comprised of an adjustable headband, super cardiod design capsule and a wireless mini pin connector. This is ideal for concert and live performances, where performers needs to move a lot to deliver their song and performance without having to hold the microphone in hand. They are lightweight and easy to fix. A dance instructor will find this device useful, as they can give instructions and dance at the same time.

There are two types of wireless microphones. There are one-piece units which have an inbuilt transmitter, battery and antenna. The other is a the two-piece unit where there is a separate transmitting unit to which the mic is connected. They are powerful devices as the transmitting range of these microphones have a radius up to 1000 feet.

As you read on, we will provide you with useful points that can assist you when you want to get a wireless microphone. There are a number of factors to consider.

The quality of the sound goes without saying. It is the prime factor in choosing a microphone. Then comes the other factors. The mike should be rugged and reliable in order to hold up to the rigors of nightly live performance and travel. It should be able to handle high-pressure level (SPL). It should be comfortable and easy to hold while performing. If it is a headset wireless microphone, it should be easy to fix. It should have a good resistance to feedback.

Therefore we can say, looking at all the advantages and its fast growing advancement, the development of the wireless microphones has brought changes to the music industry. An artist can perform and move around freely as these microphones do not have a cable to connect to the transmitter, which has limited coverage.