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Outerwear giants Barbour and C.P. Company are coming together for a one-of-a-kind collaborative collection that celebrates the best of both brands.

Barbour – a brand synonymous with the British countryside and heritage fashion, has built a global reputation for its design and production of waxed cotton outerwear. Across Britain, you'd be hard-pressed to visit a town or county surrounded by farmlands and idyllic countrysides without stumbling across one or two Barbour Solway waxed jackets.

The brand's made such a name on its expertise working with waxed cotton, that most have come to know any jacket of the style as a "Barbour Jacket," ensuring its legacy for generations to come.

Equally as iconic for Italy as Barbour is for Britain; is the functionally-driven C.P. Company. Founded in 1971 by designer Massimo Osti, C.P. has remained at the forefront of functional, militaristic design culture, continually pushing the boundaries of outerwear through material experimentation and innovation. Both brands have earned their status as icons, specifically within the realm of outerwear, due in part to the archival knowledge and dedication of their devoted fanbases.

For the first time in history, Barbour and C.P. Company have brought this shared outerwear expertise together for an exclusive collaborative collection, with each brand's most iconic products at its core.

When designing the original C.P. Mille jacket – commonly known as the "Goggle Jacket" – Otsi looked to the Solway as a point of inspiration, making the pair of products a natural start point for the collection's connective vision. The collection features two jackets, aptly named the Barbour Mille and the Barbour 500 Miglia, both of which feature a waxed cotton base, traditional corduroy collar, and the unmistakable "Goggle hood."

Releasing alongside the selection of jackets is a specially designed hoodie, backpack, and two hat variations. Unlike some of the more daring dye treatments you can expect from mainline C.P. product categories, the collection of apparel and accessories doubles down on the militaristic inspiration with tan, olive, and charcoal.

You can expect Barbour x C.P. Company to arrive via both brand's online storefronts from September 23rd.